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Emergency Essentials

Emergency Essentials
  • Emergency Essentials
  • Emergency Essentials
  • £8.00

    Emergency Essentials

    This is a pocket guide that once you own we hope you never have to consult. It has been compiled by some of the most experienced Bushcrafters, climbers and mountain guides to cover some of the emergencies you could possible encounter when travelling off road or in remote areas.

    • It starts out by advising you on the essentials you should consider carrying as a matter of course on any trip or expedition. The guide then takes you through a solid process of how to cope with an emergency. The correct decision making and evaluation at early stages saves lives.
    • This small guide is an invaluable tool even for those that consider themselves experienced. Until you are faced with an emergency few of us know how we will react. The small price to pay for this pocket guide is amply rewarded if you ever need to use it.
    • Measures approximately 6.5cm x 17cm when folded (it is an eight fold booklet printed on both sides) with good illustrations and diagrams and easy to read and understand text. Keep one in your rucksack or coat pocket.