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Fatwood - The 100% Natural Fire Starter

As pine trees mature their natural resin moves downward and collects in the stump. When the trees from sustainable forests are felled for their lumber, their stumps are usually left to rot or burnt. Fatwood make good use of them by harvesting them and splitting them into small lengths of kindling.

  • The high concentration of resin burns so easily they do not need to enhance the sticks with chemicals or additives as do so many other fire starting solutions. You will be amazed how easy it is to start a fire with just two or three pieces of Fatwood. They light very easily and give off a fragrant perfume similar to turpentine.
  • Once used never forgotten; they are naturally waterproof and will form an essential part of your camping and survival gear. They work especially well with any outdoor cook stove or camp fire.
  • Sold by the bundle – weight approximately 0.72 kg