Packaway Bush Hat

Packaway Bush Hat
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  • Packaway Bush Hat
  • Packaway Bush Hat
Product Code: HAT0191
Packaway Bush Hat
I found a hat that was so bashed and old it had clearly been thrown away or its owner met a fate I don’t care to contemplate.
  • This gave me the idea to source a rough and ready hat that could be folded for travel and looked like my father had owned it before me.
  • Oh and it had to give protection from the sun and rain.
  • A business friend called Pete said he could supply just what I have described. Within days our plated (this means with the nap flattened) and oiled suede packaway Bush Hat was born.
  • No two hats are alike due to the nature of the raw material. Cuts, scuffs and marks appear quite naturally on all hides and add to the character of the finished product.
  • This is a classic style hat with a medium brim width that will become a very dear old friend for life.
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