Reindeer Hide

Reindeer Hide (Silicone Treated)
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  • Reindeer Hide (Silicone Treated)
  • Reindeer Hide
Product Code: SKI0329
Reindeer Hide
This is a first class reindeer hide. It can be used when camping in a tent or hammock as well as just on a bench or chair or even in the garden.
  • Be mindful that the superb warmth and insulation a hide gives is also a weakness. Each individual hair is hollow and has what can only be described as a bubble of air within it. This is what makes them superb insulators, but does make them sensitive to breakage. We do not recommend that the hides are used for walking on or for very intensive use.
  • After use outdoors and before storage it should be allowed to dry, rolled out, hair side down. This will help prevent shedding.
  • Please note that no two hides are the same and the pictures are only a general indication of how individual skins appear – colour varies from almost white to darkish brown.
  • If you wish for a particular colour please call us on 0333 444 1948.
  • Dimensions also vary and are approximately 100 to 120 cms long and 80 to 100 cms wide
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