Kupilka® Firesteel 8

Kupilka? Firesteel 8
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Product Code: KUP0851
Kupilka® Firesteel 8
Award winning Kupilka® Firesteel 8 creates big sparks up to 3000°C for easy fire making - also in humid weather conditions. It comes with a compact striker and ethically produced reindeer leather cord and its secure handle can be used even with gloves on. This essential tool is a must for every outdoor adventurer!
  • Made in Finland from European Ferrocerium Rod. The striker is a by-product of the metal industry.
  • Length 124 mm
  • Ferrocerium Rod 8 mm x 65 mm
  • Weight 47 g / 1.66 ounces (including striker and leather cord)
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