Stainless Steel Food Carrier Set

Stainless Steel Food Carrier Set
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Product Code: BOT0444
Stainless Steel Food Carrier Set
Manufactured by Zebra who regularly top Gear Test as one of the very best products in their field and this Tiffin set is no exception.
  • It is a 14 cm diameter 3 layer set made in robust stainless steel which is easy to clean.
  • It makes a great food carrier for either fresh or pre-prepared food.
  • Anyone who has travelled around South East Asia would be very familiar with this type of receptacle.
  • Often used by campers and Bushcraft enthusiasts it is just as useful in an urban environment by office workers or anyone who carries a packed lunch.
  • Can be used for three people or three different courses for someone with a more healthy appetite.
  • A stainless steel band and clamp keeps the layers together.
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