Hultafors Little Helper – “Forsberg”

Hultafors Little Helper – “Forsb
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Product Code: KNI0818
Hultafors Little Helper – “Forsberg”
We would be the first to admit that when we saw this item we thought it strange. All that changed when we started to carve a spoon. Its value became immediately apparent. By placing this on your leg this just made sense by giving excellent protection for any sudden or wayward slip of the knife. You might think that using the correct knife safety protocols would make this piece of leather redundant but we all know we take short cuts and after a few nights around the camp fire we really like this addition to our kit.
  • The Forsberg is a versatile and useful companion for anyone who appreciates being in the wild. It is the perfect protection for your thigh and knee when working with knife or axe close to your body. It can also be used as a protected place to start a fire, then easily move the fire to the fireplace.
  • The impregnated leather also makes it a perfect seat pad. With Trekker’s Little Helper you get multiple functions in one, all depending on your needs. The Forsberg is the perfect gift for big and small bushmen.
  • Width 22 cm Length 32 cm
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