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Shirts & Tees

We have been producing printed garments for as long as we can remember. Every design is carefully considered and generally reflects our love of Land Rovers, Bushcraft and Expedition travel. Each design is unique to our brand and has taken many months in the creative process. 

To ensure we offer great value we use a base T-shirt that has been proven to wash well, be comfortable and is generous in cut. We have in our wardrobes tees over 15 years old that just get better with age. Every year we bring in some new designs and retire others but we still keep in stock some of the all-time classics. Enjoy looking at our offering today and know you can purchase with confidence. We ship within 24 hours.

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Heavy Metal T Shirt

Product code:  TSH0918
Inspired by the likes of Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Metallica we thought it was about time an icon became part of a culture.

Motor Oil T Shirt

Product code:  TSH0917
Could the oil fields of the world ever have been developed without a trusty 4x4?

Aviation T Shirt

Product code:  TSH0916
Original design depicting how closely planes and 4x4s have worked together exploring and supporting remote communities.

The Few T Shirt

Product code:  TSH0857
We salute the countrywide band of volunteers who form 4x4 Response Teams to help out with transport to work for critical roles and delivery of meals and medicines to the isolated and vulnerable when snow or floods disrupt everyone’s lives.

Happy Birthday T Shirt

Product code:  TSH0829
The perfect T whether celebrating your own, your Land Rover’s or a friend's special day.

Original Thinking T Shirt

Product code:  TSH0828
The Tickford Station Wagon was so ahead of its time that its promise was only delivered when the Range Rover was brought to market. There are only a lucky few that will ever own the elusive Tickford.

Bushcraft T Shirt

Product code:  TSH0809
Celebrate everything about the great outdoors with a Bushcraft T-shirt

Wood Carvers T Shirt

Product code:  TSH0759
For hundreds of years our ancestors whittled sticks and made tools. Fortunately one or two individuals have kept these skills alive. To them we owe a debt. There is something so pleasing and satisfying in making a spoon or a bowl from wood. Try picking up a knife and start carving.

Leak Oil T Shirt

Product code:  TSH0677
Our best selling T-shirt ever has had a make over in new colours. It also has a subject matter that we all know too well!

Field of Dreams T Shirt

Product code:  TSH0668
It was the 107 Station Wagon that featured in all those marvellous films about Africa. It remains a much sought after iconic vehicle today.

Original Dream T Shirt

Product code:  TSH0666
Life spent on Safari, camping at oasis or just exploring the world in a 4x4. Why not?

Room 101 T Shirt

Product code:  TSH0565
We all want to drive a Forward Control 101 and a few lucky people own excellent examples of this intrepid off roader. Mostly deployed in military circles they had hard lives and as a result very few good examples survive in original condition. The Radio and Vampire variants are perhaps the rarest.