Outback Shirt

Outback Shirt
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Product Code: SHI0198
Outback Shirt
This is one of our real finds. It is a factory in Africa that has been making fantastic safari clothing for years. It is made from a tightly woven 100% cotton fabric that is a delight to wear. These shirts are cut big similar to US sizing so you may get away with a size smaller than our other tees and shirts. This factory really knows their stuff and this shirt has it all. It has a good length shaped hem with two buttoned breast pockets. It has a neat trick on the back neck with an extra flap which is ideal for travelling in hot climates allowing you to turn up the collar twice and protect your neck from the sun's harsh rays. Contrary to most popular belief short sleeve shirts are not the best for safari for two reasons. A long sleeve shirt protects you from the sun as most people underestimate how quickly their arms can burn. It also helps keep you warm in the evening chill when watching game. Temperatures in deserts and savannah drop very rapidly at night. In addition if you are walking through scrub long sleeves help protect you from scratches that thorns can inflict. The sleeves have a tab fixing and can be secured short or long. You decide. From the moment you put this shirt on, you will know you have made a wise choice. It just feels right. Colour - Khaki
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