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Hultafors - Axes including hand forged Hultafors

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Hultafors Outdoor Forest or Trekking Axe 840086

Product code:  KNI1004
For those requiring an all-round hatchet or axe this is an exceptional item. It is made by Sweden's oldest axe manufacturer to their usual high standards. Features include:-

Hultafors Grinding Stone 840792

Product code:  KNI0820
With the Hultafors grinding waterstone you can easily and securely grind and sharpen your axe wherever you are. The stone is a good size and designed to give a steady grip, protecting fingers and hands. The durable leather case protects the stone, prolonging a fruitful working life. The rough side is 180 grain and the other a finer 600 grain, a combination of the two being ideal for axe sharpening. To make grinding easier we recommend that you grind with water.

Hultafors ABY Forest Axe 841770

Product code:  KNI0817
The Aby Forest Axe is a stunningly beautiful hybrid with many uses. Whilst no man or woman should confine their tool selection to just one axe, if by necessity you have to this is the axe we should all own. Once held and used it will never be forgotten. The Aby has a straighter edge and grinding and a good high finger notch below the head for increased precision when carving or shaving wood. The long, thin ergonomic handle minimises weight, at the same time giving you great force when striking. ...

Hultafors Splitting Wedge

Product code:  KNI0742
A complementary tool for splitting axes that makes it easier to split particularly thick pieces of wood. Use the tempered striking surface at the back of the sledge axe or a tempered steel sledge when working using a wedge.

Hultafors STALBERG Carpenters Axe 841730

Product code:  KNI0740
The Stalberg Carpenters axe provides you with the precision any skilled craftsman would demand. With its straight handle and long narrow straight edge exacting building work can be accomplished. The finger notch in the axe head allows a grip where your hand is placed almost straight above the centre of the cutting edge, for increased precision. This axe is named after Ernst Stalberg, one of Hults Bruk’s most experienced blacksmiths from the first half of the 20th century. Like all Hultafors axes...

Hultafors Felling Axe 840085

Product code:  KNI0718
Hultafors axes are forged by hand. They have been crafted in the traditional way since 1697.

Hultafors EKELUND Hunting Axe 841710

Product code:  KNI0715
With its ground neck and medium-weight head the Ekelund Hunting Axe is ideal for easier forestry work as well as for skinning game. It makes this axe the perfect hunter’s companion. It is perfect for cleaning paths and small scale felling. Like all Hultafors axes it is hand forged and made from Swedish axe steel. The head is struck 40 to 60 times to increase density and durability. The name honours that of Gunnar Ekelund the local squire who after a trip to the USA was inspired to initiate axe p...

Hultafors ANGELSJON Mini Hatchet 841760

Product code:  KNI0714
This is the perfect outdoor companion, easy to use and easy to carry. Don’t be fooled by the size as this is a campfire companion. Ideal for kindling, carving and wood shaving. It is a favourite for backpackers who have no need of a larger axe. The hatchet is hand forged and made from Swedish axe steel. The head is struck 40 to 60 times to increase density and durability. The name Anglesjon comes from the nearby lake that originally provided the power to run the waterwheel for the forge.

Hultafors HULTAN Hatchet 841701

Product code:  KNI0712
This is our classic outdoor hatchet and companion whether you are hiking in the wild or setting up the camp fire. Because it is light weight and versatile its popularity has grown and is one of our bestselling axes. It is easily stowed in a backpack. The handle length is more than the mini hatchet which allows more power to be developed at the cutting edge for cutting wood for shelters and the fire. The hatchet is hand forged and made from Swedish axe steel. The head is struck 40 to 60 times to ...