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We love books and see them as not just a good read but also an educational tool. Lofty Wiseman’s Ultimate SAS Survival Guide and the books by Lars Falt are seen as definitive works from experts that have Walked the Walk not just Talked the Talk. Two great wilderness survival experts share their experiences and impart their knowledge.

Our book section carries something for everyone from Essential Knots to a book on the many uses of Duct Tape. We also have one of the most popular but unusual books entitled Norwegian Wood Chopping & Stacking. The title may seem dry but it is a fabulous book and I read it in a single sitting. It really does draw you in. We also have a range of children’s books with lots of things to do on the beach or in the woods with a host of things to make and use. These books are the perfect antidote to mobile phones and computers.

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SHARP by Sean Hellman

Product code:  BOO0995
This is probably the most definitive book on sharpening ever written. Who knew we could sharpen so many different tools and make them last longer? Its good for the planet to repair and reuse and this book is a practical guide on the 'how to'!

Outdoors the Scandinavian Way WINTER by Lars Fält

Product code:  BOO0976
This is the companion to Lars very successful Outdoors “Summer” book. It channels all of Lars vast experience in survival and enjoyment of a Scandinavian winter.

Michael Rosen's Book of Play

Product code:  BOO0969
Think back, remember your childhood and the fun you had with friends and the mad games you played? Well this book delivers all the inspiration missing from modern life. Play is a learning environment and how different life can be with books rather than a phone or computer screen. You don’t have to read the book from cover to cover but simply open it on any page. Inside there is everything from limericks, making things, history, nature, writing stories the list just goes on and on. It is also a g...

David Attenborough’s Journey to the Other Side of

Product code:  BOO0968
We all know his name and his fantastic films and TV programmes. He has brought the natural world to millions of homes around the globe. This book is his story as a young naturalist and how fortunate he was to travel the world. The cover shows him leaning on a trusty old Land Rover. This book is written with his characteristic charm, humour and warmth and is an inimitable adventure among people, places and the wildest of wildlife.

Ernest Journal No. 10

Product code:  BOO0965
There is not much more we can say about Ernest Journals. They have such a quirky appeal for anyone who just likes to let their mind wander and learn about things you never encounter in day to day life.

Using a Knife by Lars Fält

Product code:  BOO0961
This is a great addition to the Lars Fält book collection. Having lived, lectured and taught knife use to the public and the world's special forces, Lars is now imparting his wilderness skills within this great book. It is filled with colour pictures and covers the history and development of knives as well as good and safe ways to use them. You will not have many unanswered questions after absorbing this treasure trove of knowledge.

Using an Axe by Lars Fält

Product code:  BOO0960
An axe is part of life in many Scandinavian countries especially in the vast forests that extend the length of Norway and Sweden and beyond into Finland. One man who has pioneered wilderness survival in cold climates is the author Lars Fält. His experience is second to none having trained many of the world’s special forces.

Outdoors the Scandinavian Way SUMMER by Lars Fält

Product code:  BOO0956
This is a long awaited book written by one of the all-time great Outdoorsman. Reading this book exposes what makes Lars tick and how his love of the outdoors has shaped his life. Lars is recognised worldwide as the foremost expert in extreme cold climate survival techniques and his work training special forces from around the globe is testimony to his knowledge and understanding of wilderness. He has a great respect for and much of his knowledge has been gained by his work with indigenous people...

Ultimate SAS Survival by John “Lofty” Wiseman

Product code:  BOO0952
The Ultimate SAS Survival Guide is recognised by many as the definitive guide in this genre. Lofty Wiseman is not only a legend in military circles but for anyone who has heard him speak he is an inspiration. This book covers all topics from the will to live to making camp, finding food and personal security. He explores all types of terrain, navigation and assembling the correct gear.

Expedition by Steve Backshall

Product code:  BOO0950
Steve Backshall is a BAFTA winning adventurer and wildlife expert, natural history producer and TV presenter. In a single year he set out on a most ambitious project to visit destinations that were the sum of his life’s work.

DADVENTURES by Alex Gregory

Product code:  BOO0948
Alex Gregory is a rower and two-time Olympic gold medallist and five-time world champion and world record holder. He is now retired but wants to share his love and experience in the great outdoors and has been inspired by his children. In this book he shares different outdoor games and learning for the whole family. He has an embedded knowledge about the environment and many of the creatures we have living around us. He informs and teaches. This could be every Mum and Dad’s go to manual for hot ...