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Welcome to 1948 Original Equipment supplier of high quality Expedition and Bushcraft Gear, Equipment, and Supplies in the UK

At 1948 Original Equipment our aim is to provide you with a shopping window for exceptional Expedition, Bushcraft and Personal Gear. Many of our customers use 4x4 vehicles as the means to follow their dreams; this can be as a pack horse or simply to travel in anticipation.  Land Rovers are for many the vehicle of choice for overland trips but our products are just as at home in the backs of Mitsubishis, Toyotas, Nissans or any 4x4.

Our very own 1948 Land Rover inspired us to appreciate how good things can last. Our travels have broadened an appreciation of nature, landscape and new experiences. This and a feeling of responsibility steers our product selection. We understand that not everyone has a green agenda at the front of their mind, but when we can, let’s do the right thing. We have chosen to power our office and warehouse with green electricity and use where possible recycled packaging.

By purchasing products that will last and that can be repaired we can all do our bit. Disposable fashion may have become a trend in some quarters – we think it is wrong and want to reverse this. We do not want to preach but just offer a way of ‘Thinking a little differently’.

There has been great travel gear since time began. It has evolved out of necessity and in many cases is just as relevant today as it ever was.

Hats, shirts, backpacks, holdalls, mugs, water bottles, knives, the list can go on and on, all could be termed as Original Equipment. When the Oxford and Cambridge students in the mid-1950s became the first group ever to make an overland crossing in vehicles from London to Singapore, they sought to use the best equipment available and thus two Land Rovers were their chosen transport.

As an example of great design in original equipment our Frost River packs and bags are made to similar designs that have been used for two centuries throughout the rivers and lakes of North America. Every trapper and trail guide would recognise the designs instantly. The Isle Royale is now seen as the “Classic Bushcraft Pack”, along with the Isle Royale Junior which we believe to be the best Bushcraft packs in the market. Every Frost River pack tells a story and can often be traced back to an individual who championed its design. Items like the Frost River Geologist's Pack and Woodsman Pack trace their ancestry to real people and great characters. Today the Frost River Knapsack is just as well suited to an urban commute.  Frost River products will become part of your legacy.

Our range of clothing, outdoor supplies and Bushcraft equipment will expand and change quite regularly, and you will see more of our 48OE trade mark being worn and used by friends. We are working with a bunch of colleagues and factories across continents to bring you items tested in the bush, savannah and montains where product choice can be a life saver.

Our Original Equipment T-Shirts and especially the Kids' T-Shirts go from strength to strength and we add new designs every year. Hats and Shemaghs have proved to be one of our best sellers along with the 1948 light weight steel mugs.

No piece of kit deserves the tag of Original Equipment more than the world famous Zippo lighter with its lifetime guarantee, making it perfect for all Bushcraft adventures.

We seek out the world's best not judged by committees but by the people who use them regularly. Products like axes from Hultafors who are the world's oldest and acclaimed as one of the finest axe makers in the Bushcraft industry. These are complimented with Bushcraft knives from Casstrom, Mora (including their specialist wood carving tools) and Hultafors plus the famous Bahco Laplander saw and mini tools from Swiss+Tech. Keep coming back to look as our range continues to grow!

The Reindeer hides we sell are a strong link with prehistoric bushcrafters as they are used today to provide warmth when living outdoors and sitting around the campfire.

We continue to add new products. Our 48OE Leather wallet and Note Books have been a particular favourite as gifts. We love the Kupilka items as they mirror original wooden utensils but are made in modern sustainable materials. Zebra stainless steel pots, plates and mugs are also a favourite with many campers. The search continues so if you find a great product tell us about it.

We hope you will find our 1948 Original Equipment website, both enjoyable and informative and that you may just be tempted to buy something from us. If you can’t find what you are looking for let us know. Our customers guide us.

If you want to meet us and see our products up close come and see us at Land Rover and Bushcraft Shows.  For a full listing of all the shows we plan to attend each year see our news section.

At the shows we will have our fine range of outdoor clothing and equipment plus our Bushcraft survival gear, knives, tools and travel accessories. You can also feel and touch an extended range of Frost River back packs and luggage that really is some of the best Bushcraft gear money can buy. For a mixture of Land Rover expeditions, canoe and overland trekking we have the bag for you!

Our Blog section is not written as often as it should be and is generally telling an amusing tale or just letting off steam. Although sometimes we do try to raise a serious point and get the reader thinking. Please take a look at our Facebook posts as we place stories, offers, news and pictures.

Most of what we sell is a catalyst for you to get closer to nature. Enjoy the world.

If you are interested in early Land Rovers we recommend a visit to https://www.lrsoc.com as this is the home site for the Land Rover Series 1 Club and the Land Rover Early Register.

The font of all knowledge on early Land Rovers from a commercial perspective is Dunsfold Land Rover in Surrey https://www.dunsfold.com. They are also the home of the Dunsfold Collection without doubt the best collection of Historic Land Rover vehicles in the world - https://www.dunsfoldcollection.co.uk