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These two sections Accessories and Day Packs offer personal items for modern life and travel. Many are just as suited to urban life as they are on the hill or lake.

Our Original Equipment Wallet, Key Case, Credit Card Holder and Travel Journal continue to be very popular as gifts.  Swiss+Tech items such as the Micro Light, Micro Max, and Utili-Key have proved good additions to our collection.

For drinks we now have a strong offering including our canteens and good selection of mugs. We have added colours to the Shemagh range and old staples like our 48OE Socks and Zippo lighter continue to be popular both on the web and at shows. The vintage military style belts and boonie hats are popular within the Bushcraft fraternity.

Day Packs reflect our customers' continued search for stylish travel bags. Our Crew Equipment bag and larger Barrel bag are regular sellers. Our most exciting addition is the expansion of our Frost River collection with many new pieces such as the Bike Messenger bag and the Geologist's Pack. We cover a wide price band so you should find something for everyone.