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Casstrom No.10 with Oak Handle

Product code:  KNI0997
The No.10 Swedish Forest Knife was the first knife that Casstrom designed and it holds a special place in their hearts. It’s even more satisfying to know that it is held in the same affection by those who use it!

Work Sharp Whetstone Sharpener

Product code:  KNI0982
We really like this product for its simplicity and ease of use. We appreciate that many of you will be experts in the field of blade sharpening but many newcomers may find this tool a great asset.

Mora 163 Double Edged Spoon Carver Wide Curve 13387

Product code:  KNI0981
This is a more open curve spoon carver with a stainless steel double-edged blade. It comes complete with a leather snap on blade protector.

Knivegg Double Sided Sharpening Strop

Product code:  KNI0980
The use of a strop is the classic way to complete the edge of any blade. Once you have the blade angle correct and have used a ceramic or diamond sharpener it is then time to use a strop for a razor sharp edge.

Mora 162 & 164 Hook Knife Edge Protector 13469

Product code:  KNI0979
Leather edge protector for the Mora 162 and 164 (narrow curve) spoon carver with snap fastener. Made of Swedish vegetable tanned leather.

Mora 163 Hook Knife Edge Protector 13468

Product code:  KNI0978
Leather edge protector for the Mora 163 (wide curve) spoon carver with snap fastener. Made of Swedish vegetable tanned leather.

Mora Erik Frost 105

Product code:  KNI0977
This is very similar to the 106 and 120 carving tools but with a different handle. The fine tapered blade enables you to work extremely delicately and precisely for all carving. The ergonomic wooden handle is comfortable to hold and gives you considerable control over the blade.

Lars Falt Slip Joint Knife by Casstrom 19004

Product code:  KNI0958
A very sturdy non-locking folding knife from Casström developed together with renowned Swedish wilderness and survival expert Lars Fält. It is a UK Legal non-locking knife.

Hultafors Heavy Duty Knife 385020

Product code:  KNI0919
One of our Bushcraft Instructors had had one of these for years and reminds everyone just how much abuse his knife has taken, but it is still razor sharp and gets used for all large and small jobs around camp.

The Lars Fält Lock Back Knife By Casstrom 17004

Product code:  KNI0909
They say the best things come in small packages and this certainly proves the rule. As soon as we heard about this knife in the design phase we were excited. The Lars Fält Lock Back is a folding knife by Casström, and is a robust, pocket companion to the Lars Fält Bushcraft knife. The design and specification was developed in collaboration with Lars Fält, the renowned Swedish survival expert.

Casstrom No.8 Wood Carving Knife

Product code:  KNI0894
This is a classic Scandinavian wood carving or slojd knife made in Mora Sweden by a local craft workshop. The blade is 8cm long made in alloyed carbon steel and hardened and tempered to about 60 HRC to produce a fine and very sharp edge. The total length is 19cm and it has a birch wood handle and a vegetable tanned leather sheath

Casstrom Crook Knife

Product code:  KNI0892C
Made in the town of Mora in Sweden by one of the oldest and most skilled craft workshops this is probably one of the best commercial spoon and bowl carving knives you could buy. If you enjoy working wood in a traditional way it is the knife you need.