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Casstrom Safari Knife designed by Alan Wood

Product code:  KNI0835
This is a small but competent knife from Casström. Designed by renowned English custom knife maker Alan Wood known for his hand made Bushcraft and Deer Stalking knives. It is a compact hunting knife featuring a 6cm stainless steel blade with a hollow grind. The blade is made using a full-tang construction, features a tapered tang and is made in 12c27 Swedish Stainless steel (HRC 59).

Hultafors Bow Saw 590831 BSL-12

Product code:  KNI0819
This is a Professional bowsaw with an ergonomic handle and knuckle protection to provide a safe and efficient usage. The handle made from PP and rubber provides a very good grip in all different conditions (dry or wet). The metal frame is made in high quality steel with a robust paint to protect from rust. The saw is developed for high durability in order to be used both in the nature and on construction sites. The sawblade is made from high quality steel, C75. The saw is supplied with a multipu...

Hultafors Stainless Steel Safety Knife

Product code:  KNI0815
This is one of the most popular knives for use in bushcraft training with children. There is no sharp point but it is a robust and high quality knife. The stainless steel blade is a great asset as tarnishing is not such a worry as it is with Carbon steel. It has a polypropylene handle, plastic sheath with an overall length of approximately 20 cm (blade 8.5cm and handle 11.5 cm)

Lars Falt Bushcraft Knife by Casstrom

Product code:  KNI0800
This is a highly recommended sturdy Bushcraft knife from Casstrom of Sweden, developed together with renowned wilderness and survival expert Lars Falt. Everything about this knife endears you to it. The blade is made from 3.5mm thick Bohler K720 tool steel with a high carbon content. The steel quality coupled with the Scandinavian grind making it easy to handle and sharpen in the outdoors. The knife is a full tang construction with an ergonomic curly birch handle that is good for both small an...

Mora 162 Double Edge Spoon Carving Knife

Product code:  KNI0789
This is the Mora 162 double edge spoon or bowl carver which can be used left or right handed and with a push or pull movement. It has a stainless steel blade 55mm long and an overall knife length of 164mm

Hultafors Craftsman Knife Stainless Steel

Product code:  KNI0747
The Craftsman in stainless steel is a very good all round knife with a sturdy friction handle. The blade is made from 2.5mm steel that has been hardened to 57-59 HRC.

Woodsman Knife by Casstrom

Product code:  KNI0744
This is one of the best knives we have seen come to market in recent years. It fills a gap between hand crafted and mass produced knives. Although it is new and as yet to prove its worth over a number of years all signs are that this will be an all time classic.

Hultafors Chisel Knife 380070

Product code:  KNI0741
If you enjoy woodwork as a hobby or a job you will love this tool. We have only just discovered how good this knife really is for everyday work.

Hultafors Precision Knife

Product code:  KNI0711
This is a craftsman’s knife for precision work such as carving.

Hultafors Fitters or Carving Knife

Product code:  KNI0710
This is a craftsman’s knife given an added dimension when neat intricate work is required. Originally designed as an Electrical Fitters knife its use within the carving fraternity followed as more and more recognised its possibilities.

Hultafors Rope Knife

Product code:  KNI0709
This knife is optimised for cutting through hard or tough surfaces as well as rope or webbing under tension.

Mora Wood Splitting or Draw Knife

Product code:  KNI0704
This is a small light tool for small detailed splitting or make kindling or shavings to start a camp fire. It can also be used when carving or making wooden tools or spoons.