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Strikefire Fire Starter Large

Product code:  KNI0571
Fire starting is one of the most important activities necessary for survival, giving you protection, warmth, making your water safe to drink, cooking your food, signalling, and drying your gear.

Stainless Steel Strikefire Spork

Product code:  KNI0570
It cuts, it forks, it spoons this is the one stop eating tool and a camper's essential piece of kit.

Survival Knife Classic

Product code:  KNI0523
This is an excellent example of a Finnish Wilderness knife perfect for Bushcraft.

Mora Companion Knife

Product code:  KNI0442
This is one of Mora’s best selling knives. It is the knife we recommend the most for a number of reasons. It is great for those new to Bushcraft but is also a solid proposition for old hands that want a reliable practical tool.

The Micro-Max®Xtreme™

Product code:  KNI0441
The “Daddy” of them all - The Micro-Max®Xtreme™ offers 22 different tools in one pocket-sized piece of kit.

Vintage Corkscrew

Product code:  KNI0440
This is another fine 8 in 1 product from Swish+Tech.

Micro Plus® EX - 9 in 1 Keyring Tool

Product code:  KNI0396
This is another marvel from Swiss+Tech, it is a key ring tool that has nine different tool functions in the one item.


Product code:  KNI0325
This 19 in 1 tool is another great mini workshop by Swiss+Tech®. Made from solid stainless steel it is precision crafted and the screwdriver tips meet ANSI standards. It has a patented quick release mechanism that securely locks onto a key ring but is also ideal for purse, glove box or rucksack.

Bahco Laplander Folding Saw

Product code:  KNI0234
This is often an overlooked item for any expedition whether on foot or by Land Rover. You will be amazed how useful this saw can be. It is ideal for cutting timber when constructing a shelter or hide. Our saw gets used around the garden and on events as well as trips. It is beautifully designed to work and cuts on both the push and the pull. This allows it to cut quickly and efficiently through all types of wood. Weighing in at only 185 gms it is lightweight and great for back packing. It a...