Mora Companion Heavy Knife

Mora Companion Heavy
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Product Code: KNI0665
Mora Companion Heavy Knife
This is a solid knife for Bushcrafters and outdoorsmen alike. The Mora manufacturing quality and price value make this a favourite among hunters and woodsmen. The thicker blade(3.2mm) give strength and rigidity to a well proven design.
  • This is an excellent knife for anyone new to Bushcraft and it will enable you to learn most knife techniques and uses. It is hardy enough to withstand harsh treatment and its quality will also sustain an accomplished knife worker for intricate tasks.
  • It has a half tang moulded into a large ergonomic handle with a soft, high friction grip. The Carbon Steel blade has a classic scandi grind for easy sharpening.
  • Blade length is 10cm; overall length is approximately 22cm.
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