Frost River

We are now one of the biggest Retailers of Frost River bags and packs in Europe; so much so it now has its own section in our web shop. Frost River luggage is made in Duluth just like it always was using great components, handcrafted by people who actually use the bags. The result is Canoe, Day and Bushcraft packs that are unique and a privilege to own and use.

We own some Duluth bags that have seen service for the last 30 years and they just look better and better. Our favourite Frost River bag is the Isle Royale and its smaller cousin the Isle Royale Junior which have just been joined by The Mini Isle Royale. We believe these are the best Bushcraft packs in the market.

Their range of Day Packs is equally impressive with the Vintage Messenger, Itinerant, Knapsack and Geologist all at home in town or country. We are happy to take special orders for items from the main Frost River collection. Please call or email us to discuss your requirements.

One of our best selling Frost River items in recent months is the unassuming Lunch or Accessory Bag with customers telling us of 101 uses for this small sack.

Frost River Bike Bags

With growing interest in cycling a new generation has discovered “Touring” as a very green and healthy way to spend your holidays. Some take it further and contemplate great road trips across continents and one or two circumnavigation. Whilst the latter is not for the faint hearted and will take a reasonable amount of planning, cycling for a weekend camping trip is now very accessible to all.

Cycling road trips of any length are a great way to see more and spend less. It is with this background that we have expanded our Frost River offering to include a comprehensive range of Frost River Bike Bags. We have all shapes and sizes from the Sawbill handlebar bag to a full set of Highway 1 panniers. No matter which bag the concept is the same -  the bags help you to haul gear in a compact and easy way. These bags are also some of the toughest and most durable money can buy.

Casual & Dry Bags

Our casual range of bags has a strong vintage look in cotton canvas with the Vintage Map Case proving a hit at shows.

And if playing around water is your thing, the Original Equipment Dry Bag is an all time classic and used by many canoe enthusiasts. The Barrack Bag is also a big hit as a laundry bag, bedding sack and as one enterprising person suggested “Ideal for m'ferrets” although we do not really understand or condone this idea !