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Zebra Stainless Steel Whistling Kettle

Product code:  SRV1057
Another great outdoor product from Zebra favoured by bushcrafters, chefs, campers and explorers worldwide since 1966.

Zebra Stainless Steel Loop Handled Billy Pot Kettle

Product code:  SRV1056
Part of the classic outdoor cooking pot range favoured by bushcrafters, chefs, campers and explorers worldwide since 1966.

Feuerhand Lantern Carrycase TA-276

Product code:  SRV0992
With the Feuerhand Transport Bag you can take your Hurricane Lantern (see SUR0286) anywhere you feel at home outdoors while being confident that it is well protected. Thanks to the reinforced inner walls your Hurricane Lantern will be in a stable position and always well packed. Thus, transporting your Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern becomes easier and safer.

Hammaro Lighting Paper

Product code:  SRV0964
The Swedes know a thing or two about outdoor and wilderness living. Products evolve because of necessity and ease of use. This is one such product that works just as it should on the trail or in the home for barbecues and log burners. Its price and versatility make it a must buy and it works well with a fire steel.

Zebra Stainless Steel Plate

Product code:  SRV0804
Zebra produce one of the classic outdoor cooking range favoured by bushcrafters, campers and explorers worldwide. This plate is no exception.


Product code:  SRV0613
Not all Paracord is equal, construction, size and break test are very important.

Zebra Camping Pot

Product code:  SRV0483
Zebra are well known for making practical utensils in stainless steel and this is one of their most versatile offerings.

Zebra Loop Handle Pot

Product code:  SRV0482
Zebra are one of the best names in Bushcraft for supplying practical kit that works.

Ghillie Kettle

Product code:  SRV0439
“If it hasn’t got a whistle then it isn’t a Ghillie” as their motto says.

Outdoor Knots

Product code:  SRV0436
We congratulate whoever came up with this little gem of a product.

Emergency Light Stick

Product code:  SRV0394
These chaps are so economical that it is worth keeping a couple in the car and around the home. They are so easy to use and can literally be life savers. Originally developed for military use they now form part of many emergency packs around the world.

Woodland Camo Fleece Blanket

Product code:  SRV0393
Keep one in your vehicle for all occasions, you never know what the future holds!