Ghillie Kettle

Ghillie Kettle
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  • Ghillie Kettle
  • Ghillie Kettle
Product Code: STO0439
Ghillie Kettle
“If it hasn’t got a whistle then it isn’t a Ghillie” as their motto says.
  • This type of kettle has been made for centuries and the Ghillie Kettle Company still make their legendary item here in the UK.
  • This is truly Original Equipment and its quirky design is scientifically on the money.
  • It is ideal for any outdoor activity and can be used in harsh conditions including wet and windy so in the UK it comes into its own.
  • It uses twigs, fir cones, dry leaves or newspaper as fuel and is simple and quick to set up.
  • All kettles come in their own storage sack with a full set of operating instructions.
  • The whistle is a unique feature which makes for safer use.
  • The Explorer model holds up to 1 ltr of water - enough to make 4 cups of tea or coffee.
  • Height is 28 cms and width at widest point is 18.5 cms.
  • It is made from aluminium and as a result is lightweight at only 800 gms
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