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In this section we bring together all the items we sell that we think you might like to give or receive. Our leather wallets and journals with our exclusive designs could be the perfect item for a travelling person. The Swiss Tech range has some amazing widgets that once you have experienced them you never want to be without one.

You will find something for every relative and friend regardless of age from socks to a luxury soft reindeer hide. We also have a range of vintage chic signs aimed at everyone who lives an active life and loves to be outdoors and travel. Our range of lightweight steel mugs are always an economic and well received item with our exclusive 1948 Original Equipment designs. If you are a regular camper a Zippo Lighter with a lifetime guarantee is a perfect companion. Take a look at this full section; all items in stock and shipped within 24 hours.

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Classic Canteen

Product code:  TRV0602
After much searching we eventually found a supplier to produce a classic leather covered canteen.

Fishing Knots

Product code:  TRV0517
This is a companion to the excellent Outdoor Knots which we have been selling successfully for sometime.

Small Canteen

Product code:  TRV0431
This mini canteen exterior is made with tin plate and a fabric cover in Camo design.

Desert Canteen

Product code:  TRV0307
Inspired by original Western canteens this is a modern day version with an adjustable shoulder strap. These are ideal for hiking or long road trips when you need to stay hydrated.

Big Wolf Leash Set

Product code:  TRV0130
Dog owners this is for you! This lead and collar set are made to the highest standards from 30mm nylon webbing over sewn with Advantage Max-4™ cammo design ribbon. Very solid metal fittings make this suitable for medium to large sized dogs. The collar is adjustable from 40cm to 60cm and the lead is 180cm long. Free with this item is a 5mm cord key holder.

Snow Shovel

Product code:  SRV0797
As the Boy Scouts say “Be Prepared”. This deluxe Aluminium Snow Shovel is the perfect item to stash away in the car and hopefully never need. It is a three piece item, light weight and takes up little space in your vehicle. We never know when we are likely to get snow but this tool may just prove a life saver for you or perhaps another stranded motorist.

Outdoor Knots

Product code:  SRV0436
We congratulate whoever came up with this little gem of a product.

Original Equipment Expedition Lantern

Product code:  SRV0286
We love items that are seen as the best in their field. The Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern is one such piece of original equipment. This item has been made handmade in Germany since 1902 and it has not changed much. Evolution has delivered a best in class product and although to many people oil lamps are from a bygone age to those that know this is a reliable lamp that will perform time and time again.

Don't Drown Out There Deck of Cards

Product code:  SRV0150
This is the most recent addition to our survival playing card sets and once again might save your life when on water. They are a regular set of playing cards each with an individual survival tip on the face of the card. A perfect gift for every beachgoer, boater, kayaker, fisherman, sailor or diver. Features include: -

Flag Wallet

Product code:  PRS0527
Wallets have proved successful with our customers so we have high hopes of this new addition to our range.

Credit Card Holder

Product code:  PRS0419
This item mirrors our successful leather wallet in style and materials.