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Original Equipment Expedition Lantern

Original Equipment Lantern

Original Equipment Expedition Lantern

We love items that are seen as the best in their field. The Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern is one such piece of original equipment. This item has been made handmade in Germany since 1902 and it has not changed much. Evolution has delivered a best in class product and although to many people oil lamps are from a bygone age to those that know this is a reliable lamp that will perform time and time again.

  • It will give approximately 20 hours of light on just one tank of fuel and has been used in just about every corner of the world. Its high grade quality materials and finish have made this a legend to explorers for over 100 years.
  • It is without a doubt the best value lantern you can buy but beware of imitations. Feuerhand has a specially developed burner element to overcome flickering and shooting flames. The lantern has a thermal heat resistant SUPRAX globe which will not crack when touched by something cold like rain or snow. Cheaper imitations are prone to crack with even the slightest spot of moisture.
  • This product sums up for us the very concept of Original Equipment, we are very proud to sell it.