The 1948 Original Equipment Expedition Gear section holds some of the greatest names in Bushcraft.

Our axe selection includes the world’s best from Gransfor Bruks of Sweden, such as the Wildlife and Small Forest axes. This has been extended to include a Scandinavian Forest Axe plus a Hunting, Carpenters and Carving axe all from Gransfor Bruks.

We have the Laplander folding saw from Bahco, the Classic Forest Axe from Hultafors, Companion and Bushcraft knives from Mora of Sweden, The Ridge, Element, Ascent  and Survivor knives by DAJO of Colorado, The Lifeline Snow Shovel, Swedish Fire Steels and a wonderful Finnish Birch Bark Knife.  All our tools are the best of their kind and made to last.

When your life could be on the line survival equipment is key. Names like Lifeline are an endorsement of quality and performance. The Feuerhand Lantern is a piece of Original Equipment made in Germany for over 100 Years. One of our latest additions is the LuminAID® light which is new design and technology at its best.

You will find blankets, head torches and survival packs including Don’t Die Out There playing cards and the famous Frontier Stove. The Ghillie Kettle is another piece of great design that really works even in the worst weather conditions.

Remember the Boy Scouts – Be Prepared.