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Survival & Equipment

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Emergency Light Stick

Product code:  TOR0394
These chaps are so economical that it is worth keeping a couple in the car and around the home. They are so easy to use and can literally be life savers. Originally developed for military use they now form part of many emergency packs around the world.

Snow Shovel

Product code:  SUR0797
As the Boy Scouts say “Be Prepared”. This deluxe Aluminium Snow Shovel is the perfect item to stash away in the car and hopefully never need. It is a three piece item, light weight and takes up little space in your vehicle. We never know when we are likely to get snow but this tool may just prove a life saver for you or perhaps another stranded motorist.

Paracord Compass

Product code:  SUR0763
The Paracord Compass combines two great survival tools.

Duct Tape

Product code:  SUR0414
So many uses; this is something that should always be in your kit!

Woodland Camo Fleece Blanket

Product code:  SUR0393
Keep one in your vehicle for all occasions, you never know what the future holds!

Zebra Mixing Bowl 30 cm

Product code:  STO0962
Zebra stainless steel products have a great reputation amongst bushcrafters and professional chefs alike. They simply make high quality products that perform whether in the kitchen or in the woods. They are robust durable and easy to clean and maintain. This bowl is made to SUS 304 food grade quality and has a capacity of just over 5.5 Litres.

Alder Smoke Bag

Product code:  STO0573
Who would have believed smoking your own food in your home could be this easy? It’s all thanks to those clever Scandinavians - they’ve captured their expertise in a patented foil bag.

Zebra Camping Pot

Product code:  STO0483
Zebra are well known for making practical utensils in stainless steel and this is one of their most versatile offerings.

Zebra Loop Handle Pot

Product code:  STO0482
Zebra are one of the best names in Bushcraft for supplying practical kit that works.

Ghillie Kettle

Product code:  STO0439
“If it hasn’t got a whistle then it isn’t a Ghillie” as their motto says.

Hammaro Lighting Paper

Product code:  LIG0964
The Swedes know a thing or two about outdoor and wilderness living. Products evolve because of necessity and ease of use. This is one such product that works just as it should on the trail or in the home for barbecues and log burners. Its price and versatility make it a must buy and it works well with a fire steel.

Strikefire Fire Starter Medium

Product code:  KNI0572
Fire starting is one of the most important activities necessary for survival, giving you protection, warmth, making your water safe to drink, cooking your food, signalling, and drying your gear.