Zebra Camping Pot

Zebra Camping Pot
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  • Zebra Camping Pot
  • Zebra Camping Pot
Product Code: STO0483
Zebra Camping Pot
Zebra are well known for making practical utensils in stainless steel and this is one of their most versatile offerings.
  • This 14cm pot can be used for separating and carrying food as well as cooking.
  • It gives options for boiling, steaming and frying in two different pans and they can even double up as plates and bowls for eating.
  • This is a light weight solution for backpack travelling and as they are made in stainless steel all parts are hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Size 14 cm diameter x 8cm high
  • Capacity 1 ltr
  • Weight 543 gms
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