Original Equipment Zippo Lighter

Original Equipment Zippo Lighter
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Product Code: LIG0315
Original Equipment Zippo Lighter
  • When we talk about Original Equipment, probably one of the world’s all time classics is the Zippo Lighter. The Zippo was designed and made in the USA in 1932, and was the first wind proof lighter that was both elegant and easy to use. Its design was patented and is little changed to this day.
  • The lighter became known world-wide as it was used by American Servicemen in every theatre of operation between 1941 and 1945. It even became a valid currency for trade in some corners of the globe.
  • Zippo has such faith in this lighter that they Trade Marked the phrase 'It works or we fix it for free'. This still holds good today which is why we love the product so much. In a world when their competitors make cheap disposable items, it is quite something to think that in 80 years of production nobody has spent a penny to repair their lighter.
  • Truly a piece of Original Equipment without equal.
  • Simply the Best
  • Colour Antique Brass
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