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In this section we bring together all the items we sell that we think you might like to give or receive. Our leather wallets and journals with our exclusive designs could be the perfect item for a travelling person. The Swiss Tech range has some amazing widgets that once you have experienced them you never want to be without one.

You will find something for every relative and friend regardless of age from socks to a luxury soft reindeer hide. We also have a range of vintage chic signs aimed at everyone who lives an active life and loves to be outdoors and travel. Our range of lightweight steel mugs are always an economic and well received item with our exclusive 1948 Original Equipment designs. If you are a regular camper a Zippo Lighter with a lifetime guarantee is a perfect companion. Take a look at this full section; all items in stock and shipped within 24 hours.

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Using an Axe by Lars Fält

Product code:  BOO0960
An axe is part of life in many Scandinavian countries especially in the vast forests that extend the length of Norway and Sweden and beyond into Finland. One man who has pioneered wilderness survival in cold climates is the author Lars Fält. His experience is second to none having trained many of the world’s special forces.

Outdoors the Scandinavian Way SUMMER by Lars Fält

Product code:  BOO0956
This is a long awaited book written by one of the all-time great Outdoorsman. Reading this book exposes what makes Lars tick and how his love of the outdoors has shaped his life. Lars is recognised worldwide as the foremost expert in extreme cold climate survival techniques and his work training special forces from around the globe is testimony to his knowledge and understanding of wilderness. He has a great respect for and much of his knowledge has been gained by his work with indigenous people...

The Foraging Pocket Guide

Product code:  BOO0945
We have just met Eric Biggane author of this fine book on Foraging. Having spent a good hour taking a look at the publication we have been astonished by the simple presentation and the knowledge it conveys. This is without a doubt one of the finest books we have ever seen on the subject.

Norwegian Wood Chopping & Stacking Book

Product code:  BOO0586
This book is a very unexpected global phenomenon. I picked up a copy by chance and started to read it and I was captivated. I wish I could sell a great plot line but I was hooked on the reverence given to wood in Norway and all the facts figures and myths that surround it.

Frost River Carrier Brief Messenger Bag 891

Product code:  BAG1041
The modern messenger bag presents an option to a backpack “slung” over a shoulder.

Possibles Pouch

Product code:  BAG1018
The Possibles pouch is a leather belt pouch that can hold a 2oz. tobacco tin or carry your tinder, fire steel, folding knife, first aid kit, a snack bar, or spare batteries etc.

Canvas Travel Pack

Product code:  BAG0656
This canvas and leather stylish toiletries bag has a centre divider and inside pocket for all your travel items.

Frost River - Foraging Tote

Product code:  BAG0610
This is a simple, lightweight over the shoulder floppy Tote that can be used to carry almost anything.

Frost River - Roll Up Dopp Kit

Product code:  BAG0549
Apart from the most hardened Bushmen we all need toiletries when we travel and the design of this roll up pack makes it a winner.

Frost River - Explorer Duffle ESB

Product code:  BAG0513
Shoulder straps on a Duffle? So logical it has been an instant hit at Frost River.

Frost River - Lunch Bag SB

Product code:  BAG0468
This is really a good piece of evolution on the Classic Frost River Lunch or Accessory Bag.

Frost River - Accessory Bag - Large

Product code:  BAG0352
These neat little bags allow you to bring some order to your pack.