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Woodsman Knife by Casstrom

Woodsman Knife
  • Woodsman Knife
  • Woodsman Knife
  • Woodsman Knife
  • Woodsman Knife
  • £139.00
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    Woodsman Knife by Casstrom

    This is one of the best knives we have seen come to market in recent years. It fills a gap between hand crafted and mass produced knives. Although it is new and as yet to prove its worth over a number of years all signs are that this will be an all time classic.

    • It is designed by one of the UK’s Master Knife Makers Roger Harrington. All Bushcrafters will know his name as he produces exquisite hand made knives. He has partnered up with Casstrom of Sweden to produce this stunning and well crafted knife. Its classic design is a reflection of the Bushcraft genre where a knife has to perform many functions. As soon as I held one in my hand I knew I had to buy one.
    • This is a full-tang knife with a blade measuring almost 9cm long , a straight and fairly round handle made to suit both large and small hands. The leather cord for the handle and a strong deep pocket leather sheath is included.
    • The blade is made of around 4mm thick Böhler K720 high carbon tool steel to make the blade extremely durable for heavy use such as log-splitting, or so-called "batoning" without making the knife to heavy or uncomfortable to carry.
    • The knife has a Scandinavian grind to make it very robust at the same time easy to carve wood with and easy to sharpen on a small flat whetstone or sharpener in the forest. The knife is a really good all-round tool for field use.
    • For the technically minded the steel is Böhler Tool Steel K720 (O2) and is a very tough and strong oil hardened high carbon tool steel. The focus of the steel is toughness and edge stability. The chemical composition allows it to be hardened to a high degree whilst maintaining ductility and toughness. This means the blade holds its edge for longer at the same time as it is resistant to chipping and cracking under heavy use. This steel also has a very fine structure making it easy to sharpen and achieve a razor sharp edge with. Whilst easy to sharpen, the low chromium content means it will tarnish if left wet and it must therefore be wiped after use and protected by oil or wax when put away for storage if you want to avoid tarnish building up.
    • Steel analysis: C. 0.9%, Si. 0.25%, Mn. 2.0%, Cr. 0.35% V. 0.1% (HRC 58-60)
    • Total length - Approx. 20.5 cm
    • Blade length - Approx. 8.8 cm
    • Blade width - Approx. 2.7 cm
    • Blade thickness - Approx. 4 mm
    • Weight - Approx. 156g
    • Steel - High carbon tool steel Böhler K720
    • Hardness - 58-60 HRC
    • Grind - Scandi grind
    • Handle - Curly Birch or Bog Oak with black liners
    • Sheath - Deep pocket sheath in sturdy veg. tanned leather
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