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Every Day Note Book

Every Day Note Book
  • Every Day Note Book
  • Every Day Note Book
  • £22.00

    Every Day Note Book

    For years we have used all types of notebooks and have always reverted to Moleskine (originally used by many notable writers and travellers including Ernest Hemingway). We love these note books and diaries so much and said 'if only we could have something similar'.

    • Eventually we came to our senses and decided not to reinvent the wheel but to recommend these fantastic notebooks. We decided to make our own shell to enhance this already perfect product.
    • This soft leather cover comes complete with a pack of three small Moleskine natural card notebooks. The note book when in its cover is small enough to carry in any pocket and use at a moment's notice. This is something you may buy as a gift but never give away. Everyone who has seen one wants one.
    • Refills can be purchased from any Moleskine stockist world wide.
    • The leather and design is matched to three other items in our leather collection.
    • Dimensions approximately 150mm x 95mm
    • Price includes pack of three Moleskine notebooks.