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Travel Journal

Travel Journal
  • Travel Journal
  • Travel Journal
  • £39.00

    Travel Journal

    Just recently, to settle a Rioja induced argument, a friend spent 20 minutes in his loft sifting through trunks and tea chests. Eventually he hailed triumphant back to the dining table. He held aloft his travel journal from 1976.

    • It was one of the most magnificent books I have ever had the privilege to look through. It contained notes, sketches, beer mats, bus tickets, postcards, sweet wrappers and memorabilia too much to mention. He recorded the interesting, the bizarre, the mundane - just as it happened; anything that caught his fancy.
    • He recorded his travels around Europe and Africa in such an interesting way. A ticket for a visit to the Opera sat alongside a receipt from the Wiener Kaffeehaus. His memories came flooding back and we spent several hours looking through tens of his journals.
    • Immediately I wished I had catalogued my travels and events from a young age. Our journal is designed to spark this idea in everyone. Let’s hope we can inspire a new generation of writers and observers of life!
    • Our Original Equipment cover is made in supple leather and fits perfectly the legendary Moleskine soft cover Plain Notebook which is included. It also fits the Soft Cover Series by Moleskine so business diaries as well as replacement note books, are available from good stationers worldwide. Our 1948 Original Equipment logo is marked on the journal cover as are some interesting facts about 1948.
    • This makes a perfect gift at any time in the year.
    • Approximate dimensions 145mm x 220mm
    • Price including Moleskine Note Book.