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We love books and see them as not just a good read but also an educational tool. Lofty Wiseman’s Ultimate SAS Survival Guide and the books by Lars Falt are seen as definitive works from experts that have Walked the Walk not just Talked the Talk. Two great wilderness survival experts share their experiences and impart their knowledge.

Our book section carries something for everyone from Essential Knots to a book on the many uses of Duct Tape. We also have one of the most popular but unusual books entitled Norwegian Wood Chopping & Stacking. The title may seem dry but it is a fabulous book and I read it in a single sitting. It really does draw you in. We also have a range of children’s books with lots of things to do on the beach or in the woods with a host of things to make and use. These books are the perfect antidote to mobile phones and computers.

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Don't Forget the Duct Tape

Product code:  BOO0371
Who would have thought you could write a whole little book on the uses and versatility of something like Duct Tape?