Don't Drown Out There Deck of Cards

Don''t Drown Out There Deck of Car
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Product Code: CAR0150
Don't Drown Out There Deck Of Playing Cards
This is the most recent addition to our survival playing card sets and once again might save your life when on water. They are a regular set of playing cards each with an individual survival tip on the face of the card. A perfect gift for every beachgoer, boater, kayaker, fisherman, sailor or diver. Features include: -
  • Diamonds – Marine safety and survival, featuring common diseases, water disinfection, distress signals and procedures for abandoning ship.
  • Clubs – Marine hazards such as dangerous marine life, carbon monoxiode poisoning and fish hook removal.
  • Hearts – Marine first aid, including rescue breathing CPR, shock, hypothermia and heat exhaustion
  • Spades – More Marine first aid including treatment of seasickness, barotrauma and fractures.
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