Kupilka® Classic Cup 21

Kupilka? Classic Cup 21
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Product Code: KUPO284
Kupilka® Classic Cup 21
We found Kupilka® items being used by a Bushcraft friend and were immediately impressed by the products' design and looks. When we got back to the office we immediately researched the manufacturer in Finland and realised these were ideal products for our store.
  • Kupilka® products are made from Biomaterial. It is a Thermoplastic Natural Fibre Composites material (50% wood and 50% Polypropene). It is completely recyclable.
  • Natural Fibre Composites are better than plastic as they have better heat endurance and their stiff structure makes it more durable. Compared to wood alone it needs no maintenance and does not absorb smells or liquid and is insensitive to humidity changes making it dishwasher safe. Usage temperatures are from -30°C to +100°C.
  • It looks like a natural pine trunk product and many customers ask what type of wood it is made from. The attention to detail and quality shines through; each item is inspired by those essential pieces of gear used by the trappers and reindeer herdsmen who have roamed Northern Europe for nearly two thousand years.
  • Its style represents the very best in Bushcraft as it mirrors the type of cup many experts will hand carve and cherish for life.
  • It weighs only 85 gms and holds 21 mls of fluid and is dishwasher safe.
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