Kupilka® Cutlery Set

Kupilka? Cutlery Set
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  • Kupilka? Cutlery Set
  • Kupilka? Cutlery Set
Product Code: KUPO379
Kupilka® Cutlery Set
The name “Kupilka” means little cup in Finnish. It stems from a time when Finnish people warmed their hands around a little cup when drinking beverages during the long arctic winters.
  • Carved wooden cups are unique in their beauty but take on dye and smells from anything placed in them and are not always robust for temperature change, humidity and washing.
  • Kupilka products are born out of a love of nature and tradition blended with modern design and manufacturing. They are made from Biomaterial and a Thermoplastic Natural Fibre composite. It is 50% pine fibre.
  • Apart from its design and good looks it also outperforms plastic in heat endurance and durability.
  • All Kupilka items are recyclable as are all the packaging materials used - many of which are also made from recycled materials. Kupilka is: -
  • Designed for Outdoor activities
  • Lightweight and durable and easily cleaned in warm water.
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can be used between -30°C and +100°C
  • This cutlery set comprises of knife, fork, desert spoon and tea or coffee spoon
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