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Survival & Equipment

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Don't Freeze Out There Deck of Cards

Product code:  CAR0528
Like Winter Sports? - then this item is for you. If you are stuck in a tent during a winter storm these playing cards will not only while away the hours but give you many tips on beating the cold and staying alive. They are printed on water resistant stock and are organised by suit.

Don't Drown Out There Deck of Cards

Product code:  CAR0150
This is the most recent addition to our survival playing card sets and once again might save your life when on water. They are a regular set of playing cards each with an individual survival tip on the face of the card. A perfect gift for every beachgoer, boater, kayaker, fisherman, sailor or diver. Features include: -

Emergency Essentials

Product code:  BOO0681
This is a pocket guide that once you own we hope you never have to consult. It has been compiled by some of the most experienced Bushcrafters, climbers and mountain guides to cover some of the emergencies you could possible encounter when travelling off road or in remote areas.

Don't Forget the Duct Tape

Product code:  BOO0371
Who would have thought you could write a whole little book on the uses and versatility of something like Duct Tape?


Product code:  BEL0613
Not all Paracord is equal, construction, size and break test are very important.

Frost River - Lip Balm

Product code:  AME0938
Everyone needs it. Why not use Frost River brand lip balm? It's made in USA from aloe oil to naturally moisturize and protect lips. Carries an SPF 15 and as you can see, is Frost River branded. Cheers to lip care!

Frost River - Field Deck of Cards

Product code:  AME0785
Infuse a bit of reliability into your next hand when you use our Frost River Field Deck for a card game. It won't matter what you're playing, there'll no bad hands when you're holding images of Duluth's finest waxed canvas packs, bags, and accessories.