Desert Camo Bandana

Desert Camo Bandana
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Product Code: BAN0384DE
Desert Camo Bandana
The Bandana is often overlooked as a piece of kit. This is a mistake due to its considerable versatility and its “Pack Light” features.
  • These are extra large 69 cm squares of cotton (normal bandana is 56cm) that can be worn in a myriad of ways as headwear, dust masks, cooling systems (when wetted and tied around the neck) or as impromptu bags and slings.
  • Small, compact, light, easily packable and low priced to make them a 'must have' item for any traveller.
  • Take a look on Google images or YouTube and see how many different ways there are of wearing one. There are even websites and forums devoted just to Bandanas!
  • From Harley Davidson riders to Cowboys, Rock Stars, Ninjas and Labradors - they all share a passion for the Bandana.
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