Hickory Smoker Bag

Hickory Smoker Bag
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Product Code: STO0574
Hickory Smoker Bag
Who would have believed smoking your own food in your home could be this easy? It’s all thanks to those clever Scandinavians - they’ve captured their expertise in a patented foil bag.
  • Great tasting smoked food right on your grill or in your oven by using these easy to use Savu smoke bags. As a cooking method this not only gives great flavour but also keeps food moist.
  • Full cooking instructions are on the pack and recipes and simple rules for best results are included. Hickory woodchip is particularly good with meat.
  • Low fat cooking means healthy meals
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Real Hickory wood chips
  • All Natural – No Chemicals
  • Simple clean up
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