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Camo Keybiner (with a twist)

Product code:  KEY0420
This follows on from our original Camo Keybiner and just adds a twist of Pink in the camouflage design.

Leather Key Case

Product code:  KCA0268
Our wallet has been such a success that we have expanded the range of leather items. This is the perfect answer for keeping your keys together in an orderly way. It also stops any sharp prods and jabs when they are in your pocket and helps protect surfaces when you put the keys down. The zippered case is made in leather with our trade mark logo stamped on the outside and a label inside. Suitable for home, vehicle or business keys, this item makes an excellent gift idea and comes packaged in its ...


Product code:  GAM0137
We love this product. It is hand made of 100% cotton in Guatemala and is Fair Trade. The disc is soft and flexible and flies like a dream. There are many different games you can play. One of our favourites is indoor golf. It can be used on picnics, camping trips and backpacking, it is so light and easy to stow you can take it everywhere. Just take children, adults plus one Pocketdisc™ and let the fun commence.

Eco Bag

Product code:  ECO0121
Please use a Lifetime Bag not a 'one use' plastic bag. Take it to the shops ready for any purchase you may make. This Jute bag has long handles and can either be carried on the shoulder or in the hand.

Dog Lead

Product code:  DOG0845
This is a 1.5m slip lead ideal for trials or the shooting field. It is made from hemp rope and robust enough for large dogs.

Big Wolf Dog Leash

Product code:  DOG0548
If you take to the fields, woods or mountains with man's best friend this Cammo dog lead is for you.

Lit'l Yapper Dog Collar

Product code:  DOG0418
This is for aspiring Big Wolves and just a cut down version of its Big Brother.

Big Wolf Dog Collar

Product code:  DOG0417
This is an exceptionally strong and robust dog collar made from 28 mm nylon webbing with a camo design decoration.