Mora Companion Knife

Mora Companion Knife
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Product Code: KNI0442
Mora Companion Knife
This is one of Mora’s best selling knives. It is the knife we recommend the most for a number of reasons. It is great for those new to Bushcraft but is also a solid proposition for old hands that want a reliable practical tool.
  • Firstly, it is made by one of the best knife makers in Sweden and is Cold Rolled Stainless Steel. This means it will not rust and handling it will not mark the blade. There is always a big debate about what steel takes the best edge and what is the most durable for a knife. For us all round practicality is high and in this area Stainless Steel wins out.
  • Secondly, the bright sheath colours have their uses. We know some of you will be saying you would never use a knife in those colours. For you we list the “Khaki” sheath but before you decide read on. Drop a green knife in a field or woodland setting at dusk and you may never find it again. Drop a brightly coloured one and you will always spot it from several metres away. As a result these are much favoured by Parents and Scouts as they can always be seen.
  • The price is another good reason to choose this knife as it represents fantastic value for an excellent all rounder. The sheath has a belt clip and is made in a robust plastic to protect the knife. Other features include: -
  • Patented High Friction Grip
  • Blade Length 103 mm
  • Blade Thickness 2.5 mm
  • Total Length 218 mm
  • Weight 116 gms
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