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Frost River - Field Deck of Cards

Frost River Field Deck of Cards

Frost River - Field Deck of Cards

Infuse a bit of reliability into your next hand when you use our Frost River Field Deck for a card game. It won't matter what you're playing, there'll no bad hands when you're holding images of Duluth's finest waxed canvas packs, bags, and accessories.

  • They use the same familiar, full colour, handcrafted illustrations as in their catalogue and website. They carry their own character and charm and are designed in Duluth at Kollath Graphic Design. Our Field Deck works great in a pack, carry one along for downtime in camp. Have one handy at the cabin, and be sure to keep one around the house to reminisce about canoe country adventures and show a bit of Frost River pride to guests. The deck is a perfect pairing with our Cribbage Board to complete an ideal Northwoods Canoe Country gaming combination.
  • Crafted in the USA by United States Playing Card Co. this is a full, regulation deck of cards, perfect for poker, hearts, rummy, card tricks, or whatever you like to play.