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Frost River - Gifts

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Frost River - Bedroll Straps

Product code:  PAC0464
A pair of Harness Leather bedroll straps that will attach to the bottom of any of our Isle Royale packs.

Frost River - Big Saganaga Despatch/Travel Satchel

Product code:  BAG0802
We only stock this bag in Heritage Black waxed canvas. It is named after the deepest lake in the Boundary Waters. The dark black water is part of the inspiration. This bag is loved by bikers cyclists and all commuters and travellers. It is as much at home in the city as in the woods.

Frost River - Lap Top Sleeve Medium

Product code:  BAG0720
Carry a laptop but don't want a padded briefcase? No sweat, we've got you covered! Our Padded Sleeve will work in most any bag you choose to carry. The field tan waxed canvas shrugs off water, grit, and abrasion. Foam padding shields from bumps, bruises, and temperature swings while the flannel interior cares for the finish on the computer case. Measurements are for the inside opening 11"x 15" or 27cm x 38cm. All are built in Minnesota at Frost River, they're guaranteed to last and will provide ...

Frost River - Travel Kit

Product code:  BAG0635
This is a classic Travel Kit tote for all your toiletries.

Frost River - Foraging Tote

Product code:  BAG0610
This is a simple, lightweight over the shoulder floppy Tote that can be used to carry almost anything.

Frost River - Lunch or Accessory Tote

Product code:  BAG0577
This small Tote is proving to have more uses than we ever imagined.

Frost River - Roll Up Dopp Kit

Product code:  BAG0549
Apart from the most hardened Bushmen we all need toiletries when we travel and the design of this roll up pack makes it a winner.

Frost River - Explorer Duffle ESB

Product code:  BAG0513
Shoulder straps on a Duffle? So logical it has been an instant hit at Frost River.

Frost River - Lunch Bag SB

Product code:  BAG0468
This is really a good piece of evolution on the Classic Frost River Lunch or Accessory Bag.

Frost River - Accessory Bag - Large

Product code:  BAG0352
These neat little bags allow you to bring some order to your pack.

Frost River - Accessory Bag - Medium

Product code:  BAG0351
These neat little bags allow you to bring some order to your pack.

Frost River - Field Deck of Cards

Product code:  AME0785
Infuse a bit of reliability into your next hand when you use our Frost River Field Deck for a card game. It won't matter what you're playing, there'll no bad hands when you're holding images of Duluth's finest waxed canvas packs, bags, and accessories.