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Casstrom - Knives & Tools

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Lars Falt Folding Knife Belt Pouch

Product code:  KNI1014
Designed to fit both the Lars Falt Lock Back and Slip Joint folding knives.

Casstrom Woodsman with Curly Birch handle & firesteel

Product code:  KNI0999
A classic wilderness knife designed by English custom knife maker Roger Harrington.

Casstrom No.10 with Oak Handle

Product code:  KNI0997
The No.10 Swedish Forest Knife was the first knife that Casstrom designed and it holds a special place in their hearts. It’s even more satisfying to know that it is held in the same affection by those who use it!

Lars Falt Slip Joint Knife by Casstrom 19004

Product code:  KNI0958
A very sturdy non-locking folding knife from Casström developed together with renowned Swedish wilderness and survival expert Lars Fält. It is a UK Legal non-locking knife.

No.3 Dangler by Casstrom

Product code:  KNI0837
Apart from the strange name and we are not aware of any previous danglers this is a very sensible piece of gear. Rather than attach your knife directly to your belt which then sometimes impedes and restricts movement, the Dangler fits on your belt and then has a clip to attach to the loop on the back of your knife sheath. This very simple addition to attaching a belt knife to your belt allows an extra plane of movement. By being slightly lower than your waist it makes access easy and it is much ...

Casstrom No. 10 Forest Knife with Fire Striker

Product code:  KNI0836
This is one of Casstrom’s classic bushcraft knives with an oak handle. It has a full tang blade approximately 10 cm long and 4mm thick. It is O2 high carbon steel (Bohler K720) which has been treated to achieve a hardness of 58-60 HRC. It is sharpened to a Scandinavian grind and has a satin finish.

Casstrom No. 10 Knife with Green Micarta Handle

Product code:  KNI0823
This knife is built as a multipurpose knife for hunting, bushcraft and general use in the great outdoors. The blade is about 10cm long and made from approx. 4mm thick O2 high carbon tool steel (Böhler K720 ) heat treated to achieve a hardness of 58-60 HRC. The knife is sharpened with a Scandinavian grind . The blade has a satin finish. This steel in combination with a Scandinavian grind makes these knives very tough and resilient - ideal for heavy chores. It also allows the knife to be controll...

Lars Falt Bushcraft Knife by Casstrom

Product code:  KNI0800
This is a highly recommended sturdy Bushcraft knife from Casstrom of Sweden, developed together with renowned wilderness and survival expert Lars Falt. Everything about this knife endears you to it. The blade is made from 2.9mm very strong Uddeholm Sleipner tool steel with a high carbon content. The steel quality coupled with the Scandinavian grind making it easy to handle and sharpen in the outdoors. The knife is a full tang construction with an ergonomic curly birch handle that is good for b...

Woodsman Knife by Casstrom

Product code:  KNI0744
This is one of the best knives we have seen come to market in recent years. It fills a gap between hand crafted and mass produced knives. Although it is new and as yet to prove its worth over a number of years all signs are that this will be an all time classic.