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BORN IN 1948

I was born in 1948 out of necessity rather than planning. I had to learn Dutch at a very young age. My roots are firmly in the country although as I have got older, you can now see me mainly in the city.

I share my birthday with HRH Prince of Wales, Roger Plant, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, Stevie Nicks and Olivia Newton – John, so the purr of music is in my DNA with just a little bit of royalty.

I am versatile and a jack of all trades. I am one of a kind as no two of my family ever match. I am part of a large family of militants but there are some who just do not understand me. I have travelled all over the world in mud, snow and sand and generally always cope with whatever is thrown at me. Some say I am the first that many in Africa ever saw and I made many of the roads that others now follow.

I pull very heavy loads and have saved a lot of lives. When necessary I fight and am proud to have served. My public adore me as do members of the Royal Family when in Scotland, Windsor or Sandringham as did Winston Churchill and Marilyn Monroe to name but a few. My career in Film & TV has been a high spot of my career, with appearances in Bond, Tomb Raider, Heartbeat and for some reason even in World War Two classics when I was not even a sparkle in a designer’s eye.

I have always been sporty and participated in Trials & Races and even some real long distance events across Africa and South America. I have set many records in my time and continue to do so even today.

Like fine wine I have become more valuable as I have matured. Many people wish they had kept faith in me or some of my older brothers, as they have really hit the jackpot in recent years.

Today my younger siblings all live in towns and cities but that’s OK. I hear the adults talk and it seems we may be getting a new addition to the family. I don’t suppose for one minute the newbie will want to play outside as we have. He or she will be into tech, apps and screens which is a shame as working on the farm did me no harm.

Still life moves on and any new addition can never match my status having been voted the “Coolest Ever”.

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