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Our headwear is designed to keep you cool, keep you warm and repel the odd shower. Equally important, it is designed to make you look good.

We admit we are old school and we love vintage design caps and military Boonie hats. As many of our customers spend time in the outdoors greens, khakis and camo patterns are very popular. Many caps are just as at home in an urban setting as in the woods.

Knit beanies carry the day and the night in autumn and winter and all hats can be worn by men or women. Probably our most versatile piece of Headwear is the Shemagh which comes in muted and vibrant colours and can be worn as a simple scarf or as a full head covering. We even show a video that illustrates exactly how to put it on. A Shemagh should accompany you on any trip to a hot climate.

Another item to consider is the Bandana which can be worn and used in a myriad of ways.

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Watch Beanie

Product code:  BEA0813
These Beanies are 100% wool and made in the USA. They meet all USA Department of Defence specifications. They are a great ally in extreme cold weather. Keep one in your pack or vehicle permanently.

Camo Patrol Beanie

Product code:  BEA0811
his deluxe Camo Patrol Cap is the perfect cold weather beanie hat that will protect you from the elements. The camo effect makes them ideal for wildlife watchers, and all outdoor pursuits. Made from durable acrylic yarn for comfort and style.

Desert Camo Bandana

Product code:  BAN0384DE
The Bandana is often overlooked as a piece of kit. This is a mistake due to its considerable versatility and its “Pack Light” features.