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Shirts & Tees

We have been producing printed garments for as long as we can remember. Every design is carefully considered and generally reflects our love of Land Rovers, Bushcraft and Expedition travel. Each design is unique to our brand and has taken many months in the creative process. 

To ensure we offer great value we use a base T-shirt that has been proven to wash well, be comfortable and is generous in cut. We have in our wardrobes tees over 15 years old that just get better with age. Every year we bring in some new designs and retire others but we still keep in stock some of the all-time classics. Enjoy looking at our offering today and know you can purchase with confidence. We ship within 24 hours.

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Leak Oil T Shirt

Product code:  TSH0677
Our best selling T-shirt ever has had a make over in new colours. It also has a subject matter that we all know too well!

Journeyman T Shirt

Product code:  TSH0669
I first saw this vehicle at a show and immediately fell in love with it.

Field of Dreams T Shirt

Product code:  TSH0668
It was the 107 Station Wagon that featured in all those marvellous films about Africa. It remains a much sought after iconic vehicle today.

Original Dream T Shirt

Product code:  TSH0666
Life spent on Safari, camping at oasis or just exploring the world in a 4x4. Why not?

Let It Snow T Shirt

Product code:  TSH0607
We all dream of a Big Foot 4x4 and snow at Christmas. Boys and their toys but maybe a t-shirt is a little more realistic!

Room 101 T Shirt

Product code:  TSH0565
We all want to drive a Forward Control 101 and a few lucky people own excellent examples of this intrepid off roader. Mostly deployed in military circles they had hard lives and as a result very few good examples survive in original condition. The Radio and Vampire variants are perhaps the rarest.

Sweet Chariot T Shirt

Product code:  TSH0564
The immortal words at England Rugby matches got us thinking and we decided that a Series vehicle at home on the plains of Africa, the deserts of the Empty Quarter or the forests of Scotland would be our Sweet Chariot.

The Origin of Species T Shirt

Product code:  TSH0559
Had Darwin been around he would no doubt convey this title on “Tommy” our 1948 Series 1 and all his siblings of that year.

Wilderness T Shirt

Product code:  TSH0460
As the T-shirt says “The Wilderness holds answers to more questions than we have yet learned to ask”.

Rock Star T Shirt

Product code:  TSH0457
Some of us have our rock moments playing air guitar but some of us like to get out on a mountain with a 4x4.

King of the Road T Shirt

Product code:  TSH0454
British and proud; designed and made in Britain, the Range Rover is one of the most iconic vehicles ever produced.

Collection T Shirt

Product code:  TSH0451
Everyone really needs a collection of Land Rovers.