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The Brown Water Filter Bag - Group

The Brown Water Filter Bag - Group
  • The Brown Water Filter Bag - Group
  • The Brown Water Filter Bag - Group
  • £37.50

    The Brown Water Filter Bag - Group

    The New Millbank Bag

    • "Making water safe to drink from an unknown source is a two way process. First by filtering, second by treatment with a modern purification unit, or by chemicals or boiling. Filtering removes all the suspended matter from the water extending the life of a purification unit or allowing the chemicals used to be more effective. A Millbank bag is perfect for this and was standard issue to our regiment in the Far East, where 90% of all ailments were water related. The resurrection of the original Millbank bag to the same spec and using the same fabric makes The Brown Filter Bag a great asset to anyone interested in the outdoors or survival and preparedness!” John 'Lofty' Wiseman - author of the SAS Handbook
    • The Filter Bag, a replica of the military Millbank bag, pre-filters turbid water removing any organic material and sediment. Today, even with the advances in modern purification systems, the Millbank bag is a necessity. You will have heard the adage that you should always start with water that is as clean as possible but most if not all of the systems available today to purify water have just a basic sponge pre-filter.
    • Turbid water is water with sediment suspended in it, so if the water that you have access to is muddy or cloudy you could have matter such as decomposing organic materials, sand, mud or silt in it. These alone can upset the balance in your digestive system, but more importantly are known to reduce the effectiveness of chemical purification as sediment and organic matter hinder effective chemical treatment. Such water is also know to clog purification systems, increasing maintenance and reducing life expectancy. Pre-treating water reduces wear and tear on purification systems.
    • This bag is essential if travelling in remote and desert landscapes where water holes and wadis are very unpredictable and used by people, animals and livestock. The fibres of the bag filter out most of the residue that would impair any stage two treatment to make the water potable for humans. The Group size is ideally suited for four or five people. (Also available in the smaller Standard size).
    • Instructions on exactly how to prepare and use the bag are included. The bag packs down very small for transport and as part of a water treatment system it could just save your life. It comes with Paracord hanging straps which can be used on trees, shrubs, vehicles or from a woodland fashioned tripod.