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Frost River - Foraging Tote

Product code:  BAG0610
This is a simple, lightweight over the shoulder floppy Tote that can be used to carry almost anything.

Frost River - Lunch or Accessory Tote

Product code:  BAG0577
This small Tote is proving to have more uses than we ever imagined.

Frost River - Roll Up Dopp Kit

Product code:  BAG0549
Apart from the most hardened Bushmen we all need toiletries when we travel and the design of this roll up pack makes it a winner.

Frost River - Bike Messenger Bag

Product code:  BAG0540
This is a waxed cotton Messenger Bag designed to please pedal powered commuters.

Frost River - Explorer Duffle ESB

Product code:  BAG0513
Shoulder straps on a Duffle? So logical it has been an instant hit at Frost River.

Frost River - Lunch Bag SB

Product code:  BAG0468
This is really a good piece of evolution on the Classic Frost River Lunch or Accessory Bag.

Frost River - Accessory Bag - Large

Product code:  BAG0352
These neat little bags allow you to bring some order to your pack.

Frost River - Accessory Bag - Medium

Product code:  BAG0351
These neat little bags allow you to bring some order to your pack.

Frost River - Sawbill Trail Bike Handlebar Bag

Product code:  BAG0349
This is one of our favourite bike accessories. It is a small compact bag that can fit neatly on to handlebars or just about any part of the frame by twin leather straps.

Frost River - Geologist Bushcraft Bag

Product code:  BAG0345
This pack pays homage to one James Byron Hustad known as JBH who roamed Minnesota’s Iron Range in search of underground deposits for US Steel in the middle of the last century. Exploring the North Country in search of iron ore can lead an intrepid young geologist into all sorts of adventure. Equipped with his trusty rucksack he would often travel by canoe or float plane into secluded remote areas.

Frost River - Timber Cruiser Jr

Product code:  BAC0832
The Timber Cruiser Junior maintains all the heavy duty features of our premium canoe packs:- padded backstraps faced with buckskin attach to the pack with hand pounded harness rivets, 510gm waxed cotton canvas throughout, all of the hardware is solid brass, and the critical flapstraps are riveted and sewn.

Frost River - Summit Expedition Pack

Product code:  BAC0625
This is another rugged Frost River pack that has extended their Summit range. Based on a traditional knapsack but with extras that expand the use of the bag. We think this is a beauty and a very useful day or weekend pack.