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Put aside politics, race, immigration and prejudice and let's understand the world we live in. We can't return to the 1950s and, you know, they were not the Good Old Days, life was just as tough but we did not demand or expect as much.

Yesterday I found my Hotmail account had been hacked. I phoned the help number and went through to a call centre in India. They could not have been more helpful and spoke perfect English. They said I needed added security on my email account which I agreed to purchase. An engineer phoned me back and by his accent I assumed he was also in India. He was very straightforward and once again very polite. He fixed everything, restored all my email which had been wiped by the Hacker. An excellent job was completed, I now had security on my email account and enhanced security on my computer, I was very happy.

I asked the engineer where he was based as I had never heard of his company's name. "Oh, in California" he replied "but when you call us, we are open 24 hours per day so you could just as easily be routed to our office in Australia or anywhere in the world". He then told me his company's head office was in Germany.

We are a global community and to think otherwise is folly. We need the rest of the world and they need us. Isolationism and protectionism is not an answer. We need to embrace others. I fully accept my prejudice at overseas call centres but I realise my prejudice is misplaced - it should be against bad call centres regardless of where they are placed. My experience yesterday taught me this very lesson.

Great service is great service no matter where it comes from and I was glad to have the whole world watching my back.

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