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A Funny Thing

There is not too much in the news that has made me laugh over the past few weeks. I did however like the story of the French woman who called her cat Brexit. It howled by the back door to go out and eventually when she got up walked to the door and opened it the cat could not make up its mind whether it wanted to go out or stay in. As a three cat household I was so familiar with this behaviour it made me grin.
The Bushcraft world also has its moments. I took a customer call to ask about the various knives we sell. I braced myself for very technical questions and asked what aspect they wanted to know methods of construction, the grind or type of steel? “Oh no, I just want to know how sharp they are”.
Another question, about back packs was “Will all my kit fit in the pack?” I delicately probed to try and ascertain what kit they usually carried and how were they travelling? Once again the answer did not narrow down the options “I am not really sure, it varies, as sometimes it’s just me and sometimes the family”.
Big Al wasted good cider when last year he brought his eleven-year-old son with him to the Kelmarsh Show. Like all eleven year olds he was perhaps more worldly wise than his father appreciated. At a given point the son started to demonstrate some gestures commonly used amongst his mates. As questions and answers flowed we got to a point where as an old fogey I was not knowledgeable, on a specific expression used. As happens with these moments all the background noise faded and I asked the son in rather a loud voice "What is Tea Bagging?”
It was at this point that his father who had just taken a rather large mouthful of excellent cider, guffawed and shot most of it over both me and the table whilst everyone else present dissolved into laughter. I was unsure whether it was my lack of knowledge or that his son clearly knew the answer that took the father by surprise.
One of the very enjoyable consequences of working at both Land Rover and Bushcraft Shows is the team we have working with us. The eating and drinking together in the evenings is always just great fun. The banter is sharp, acerbic and no-one is immune or excused. It really is good to forget the world for a time and just enjoy the company of friends and colleagues. In many ways sitting, talking and enjoying company is becoming a lost art as the digital world tightens its grip. Perhaps we could all do with a bit more laughter.

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