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12 Things for 2012.

Twelve things I wish I had known 12 years ago………..

1. Classic Cars are better than a pension fund.

2. Breathing fresh air and growing the food you eat really does make you feel better.

3. Red wine, chocolate and coffee in moderation are very good for you (according to recent reports in the Times).

4. If you are comfortable and healthy, material things do not matter.
5. True friendship never has a price.

6. Butty Bach – I only discovered this exceptional ale from Wye Valley Brewery 18 months ago.

7. In life you should listen to your soul.

8. Herefordshire really is God’s own County.

9. There is more around you in nature than you can ever see in one lifetime, so look more closely. I saw a Kingfisher after a gap of 35 years - it was spectacular.

10. It is better to challenge the mundane, poor service, overseas call centres and automated answering – they are sweeping the world.

11. It does not matter who is in power, we are all screwed - it’s a global economy!

12. The winner of the 2012 Grand National. I would be set to make a killing on 14th April.

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